Work Permit

We are glad you are excited to start working. Working while going to school can help you sharpen may skills that will be helpful in life. There are a few requirements that you need to have to get your work permit.

Work Permit Requirements 

First you need to be in good academic standings. This means that you are current on credits. That means you have not failed your classes. School is your first job and you need to be completing that job before you take another job on.  If you have not passed all your classes don’t fear. You may still be ok to get a work permit; you just need to come see Mr. Genasci in the career center.

Second you need to have the job. I know this sounds weird, but a work permit is specific to your place of employment. A work permit is not a blank pass to work anywhere.  For example, if you get a job at Mc Donald’s on Yosemite Boulevard you would get a work permit to work at that Mc Donald’s. the work permit will have their address and contact information on it.  If you want to get the request form for a permit you can at any time. You can come by the career center and see Mr. Genasci and he will give you one or you can print the form off of this page. The form is in the links on the right-hand side. It is under the link “Work Permit Request Form B1-1”.

Types of Work Permits 

Work permits allow eligible students to work up to 20 hours a week (no more than 20) . There are special permits called work experience permits. These permits allow student to work up to 40 hours a week. This permit may be available to students that are junior or seniors over the age of 16. You must also take a class to get this permit. Attendance in that class is required by California Law. If you are interested in this option, see Mr. Genasci in the career center before you have any forms filled out.

Need Help

If you need any help with the work permit process, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can come by the career center and see Mr. Genasci or email him at