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Principal Nathan Schar
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Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

DATA Digital Media Broadcasting Productions

DATA Digital Media Broadcasting students have worked on a large number of professional video productions to improve their skills, broaden their portfolios, and help the school, district, community, and local businesses.  Their videos demonstrate their dedication, hard work, and commitment to learning the art of video and creating impactful productions.  Here are just a few of the videos we’ve worked on:

Digital Media Broadcasting

Every 15 Minutes

The "Every 15 Minutes Program is a model of both school and community-based alcohol prevention that incorporates simulated alcohol-related consequences with community elements that include students, parents, educators, school administrators, health systems, and law enforcement personnel."

Warning:  These videos contain graphic content, and are not recommended for children under 14.


[From a video production standpoint, possibly the greatest challenge of the Every 15 Minutes productions are there short deadlines for completion.  From the time the simulated crash takes place at the school, the video team has only 24 hours to complete the production so it is ready to be shown at the student assembly the following morning.]

Every 15 Minutes

Graduation Ceremony

DATA Digital Media Broadcasting students have worked on the video production for the Johansen graduation ceremony the past seven years.  We began posting them online the past three years (prior to that, it was only available on disc). For the 2016 graduation ceremony, we were the first school in the county to do a four-camera live stream of the ceremony.

2016: (live streamed)


DATA Digital Media Broadcasting students also worked on the video production for the Grace M. Davis high school graduation ceremony:


Promo Videos

DATA Digital Media Broadcasting students have created numerous promotional videos for schools, academies, and pathways.  Take a look at one of our most recent:

Johansen Promo

Community/Business Projects

DATA Digital Media Broadcasting students have worked on a number of professional productions for other schools, the community and local businesses.  Here are just a few of our more recent:

Stanislaus Partners In Education (SPIE):
Solid Networks:
Community Project:
Mark Twain Junior High:
Silent Film:
Point Break:



DATA Digital Media Broadcasting students create live bi-weekly news broadcasts, use their creativity to create impactful commercials and interviews, film live events, and run their own cutting-edge broadcast studio.  DATA Digital Media Broadcasting students have completed over 150 news broadcasts which have been enjoyed by the student body as they are kept up to date on the latest happenings:



Fun Hands-On Learning Projects

It takes a lot of practice to become an experienced videographer to point that a student is ready to engage in professional video production work.  As students learn video production in the first video course of Johansen High School's Digital Arts & Technology Advancement (DATA) pathway, they engage in a number of fun projects where they are able to use their creativity, imagination, and expressiveness to demonstrate their understanding and apply the skills they are learning in the classroom. It's pretty evident when comparing videos from students from the beginning of the school year to videos at the end how far they have come in just a single year. We hope you find these videos as fun to watch as they were to create!

Note: The below link is a student run and maintained channel with some of their top picks of the fun student projects from the first year course that were created each year over the past nine years.

Click here to view

Fun Student Videos