About Johansen

About Johansen


Peter Johansen High School was opened in the fall of 1992 and currently houses approximately 1,800 students in grades 9-12 with a senior class of roughly 400 students. The student body consists of a rich mixture of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. In 2006, Johansen was selected as a model school with the International Center for Leadership in Education and is part of the Successful Practices Network. In 2007 Johansen was awarded a grant to redesign the student body into Smaller Learning Communities. A comprehensive curriculum provides courses for students of all ability levels, with an emphasis for all students on college preparedness as well as preparation for the workplace so that students have viable options for their future upon graduation. Eight Pre-Advanced Placement courses and fourteen Advanced Placement courses are available for students who wish to pursue our most rigorous curriculum. Johansen High School offers a wide variety of student activities such as student leadership training, thirty clubs and organizations, thirteen sports, two academies (AG, EHDA), a digital arts and technology advancement (DATA) pathway, a visual and performing arts (VAPA) pathway, and art and culinary arts programs. The students at Johansen High School are some of the most technologically proficient in the district, and have access to four computer labs and a wide range of other educational-based technology. Johansen prides itself on the 3 R's: Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships.


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