Computer Programming

Computer Programming

Interested in learning how to create software for computers and other electronic devices; or how to code for computer or console games; or robotics?

Learn how to develop software for gaming, businesses, handheld devices, personal use, and more!  The skills taught in this class help prepare students for mastery of any of the hundreds of existing programming and scripting languages for a multitude of platforms and devices.

Learn how apps for phones, computers, and other technology work as you go in-depth on how simple code builds a foundation for major software.

This is a concentrator course in general computer programming.  Computer literacy issues describing computer hardware, software development, operating systems, and telecommunications are also covered.

Students are introduced to problem-solving analysis, algorithm design, documentation, control structures, program coding, data manipulation, logic, looping, program testing, and program maintenance.    Solutions are implemented using a high-level object-oriented programming language such as C++, C#, or Java; or one of many object-oriented scripting languages.  Extensive programming projects demonstrating problem solving and implementation skills are assigned throughout the year.