Johansen offers five unique three and four-year inclusive high school experiences known as pathways and academies. These programs offer students a series of elective courses in the form of introductory, concentrator, and capstone classes that teach career and college preparation throughout student's high school careers in numerous areas of high employment.


Pathways and academies also offer students a full experience outside of the strong educational opportunities they provide, including fun activities, field trips, early college, guest speakers, and internships.

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General Elective Programs

Other Programs

Johansen offers sequences of general elective courses in thirteen areas.  For more information on any of these programs, please select their link from the menu on the left.

Advanced Placement

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Advanced Placement offers college level courses and exams for highly motivated students in secondary schools. Its reputation for excellence results from the close cooperation among secondary schools, colleges, and the College Board. More than 2,900 universities and colleges worldwide grant credit, advanced placement, or both to students who have performed satisfactorily on the exams, and 1,400 institutions grant sophomore standing to students who meet their requirements.


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The Philosophy of the Visual Arts Department at Johansen High School is to encourage all students to learn about the Arts as a process of intellectual growth and self-discovery and as a contribution to the advancement of our collective cultural heritage. We believe that the creative process is essential to learning and we strive to provide a diverse, comprehensive curriculum that includes creating, making aesthetic judgments and developing a unique artistic voice. We challenge students to become life-long learners who understand and appreciate the potential of the Arts to enhance their lives by making them more involved, creative and responsible citizens.


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The Johansen Instrumental music department is a vibrant program achieving high honors and making a strong impact in their community and with every student's life. The program includes the ensembles: orchestra; concert band; jazz band; marching band; color guard; winter drum line. All of these ensembles perform at various festivals, on campus concerts, community events, as well as other types of events. Students in ensembles learn music from across the ages and genres and never cease growing as musicians and citizens.


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The Johansen High School Vocal Music Department provides students the opportunity to perform great choral literature while entertaining local audiences and performing at a variety of civic and community events. Johansen Choirs are truly honored to represent our community in a variety of capacities. They also have the opportunity to tour throughout California, often giving students their first experience outside of Stanislaus County.

Culinary Arts

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Johansen's culinary arts program provides students with the opportunity to prepare for careers in the food preparation and restaurant industry. This exciting program includes hands on food preparation projects.


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Johansen's dance program teaches students the art of dance. Numerous styles of dance are studied, and students apply what they learn in performances.


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Find your inner actor! Drama is designed to introduce you to the art of acting and to develop a foundation in the theater arts. Study acting through exercises, improvisation, movement, scene study and analysis, character development and production. Learn about the structure of drama styles of acting and the history of theater, while having fun designing and engaging in performances.

Floral Design

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In Ornamental Horticulture, students will explore the floriculture industry on a more technical and advanced level. Students will expand upon their creative expression, aesthetic valuing, perceptions, and historical and cultural context. The art elements and principles of design will serve as a foundation for each unit covered.


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Our music department also offers guitar and piano classes which give students an introduction into two great musical instruments. These classes cover the basics of understanding music and a basic proficient ability to play the instruments.


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Johansen's sheet metal and industrial fabrication program is designed for students who plan to pursue industrial technology careers and/or training. Students will explore the three primary areas of industrial technology: production, manufacturing and construction, using hands-on laboratory exercises throughout the course. Students will practice the basic skills necessary to successfully function as an entry-level technician.

Work Experience

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The Johansen Work Experience program is an excellent way to earn up to 20 credits per year. Also, students can work up to 40 hours per week if they are enrolled in Work Experience (otherwise a regular work permit only allows a student to work up to 20 hours per week). Class is held one day per week in the Career Center. Students must be on track for graduation to be in Work Experience.


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The yearbook program puts students at the creative helm of recording, highlighting, and commemorating each given school year in a published book which is distributed to the student body. Students learn and apply desktop publishing and photography to produce a work of art that the student body will cherish for a lifetime.